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Refund can be claimed by withdrawing from the contract


Upon the conclusion of the purchase contract by means of distance communication, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt of the goods, within which the buyer has to deliver to the seller the act to which the current valid legislation combines the expression of the will to cancel . The buyer may realize this right of withdrawal by either delivering the goods personally to the seller's shop, together with a declaration of willingness to withdraw from the contract or, at his own expense, sending the goods to the seller at his address via one of the carriers together with a written statement of will to withdraw from the contract . Upon withdrawal from the purchase contract by the purchaser by the consumer within 14 days within the meaning of Section 53 (7) of the Commercial Code, z. the buyer has the right to withdraw without any penalty, without prejudice to the seller's claim to cover the costs associated with the return of the goods.


The goods must be returned undamaged when using the right of withdrawal, preferably in the original packaging, without any signs of use, including all accessories, warranty letters and instructions. Upon meeting all of the above conditions for returning goods, money for the goods will be sent by transfer to your account within 30 days of withdrawal. The buyer is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs he has paid to the seller in connection with the delivery of the goods by the carrier back.


Refund can be claimed if the following conditions are met:


The right to a refund is valid within 14 days of delivery.

Goods must not be damaged

Goods must be packed in their original packaging


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