Mirage IIIC/E

Mirage IIIC/E

Comprehensive photo etched detail set for Mark I's Mirage III series kits.


Main features:

- ejection seat,

- air intakes,

- two kinds of jet exhaust nozzles: Atar 9B for early Mirage IIIC and Atar 9C for later versions,

- air brake assemblies,

- landing gear doors,

- landing gear legs details,

- main landing gear hubs,

- several air scoops and vents,

- small surface details and antennas,

- auxiliary tanks and Exocet missile fins.


Set contains also two small resin parts.


Fret sizes: 

0.1 mm – 53x75 mm

0.2 mm – 30x26 mm

Ref. No.: SO214423
300,- Kč (11,80 €)
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